We were misled by happiness

Thank you, Feng Yan. These songs are very good.Feng Yan has been using a beautiful song to infect us.

Music is the voice of the soul, and in this sound our soul will become more beautiful.

Feng Yan's heart is very pure.I sometimes think, am I a little impatient? Every time I see him, I like to say him, let him continue to write his poetry. A man lived a peaceful life, and he thought it was a happy and quiet life.This is more meaningful than writing any poetry.

I always want my friends to live a good life.And the beautiful life I imagine is not suitable for everyone.

Today I suddenly felt that I should apologize to Feng Yan!I hope he will live a happy life in accordance with his own wishes.

We may be misled by our hopes of success.In fact, this kind of successful desire often mislead us, so that we stay away from our happy life and happiness.

Perhaps too much attention to our hope of success and happiness.We may ignore we are feeling happiness and success.

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